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How to set up airprint 4S iPhone?

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Issue created by Josh Hall: How to set up airprint on iphone 4s?

I have a HP officejet 6500 printer and when I select print on my phone, it says “select a printer”. But when i select a printer, it says “no airprinter printers found” but when I download a printer application on my phone, the app finds my printer. What do I do? I want my phone to connect to my printer, not an application on my phone

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Answer by Andre

I believe that the HP Officejet 6500 doesn’t support AirPrint.

Answer by LouisSn

Check out the app store PrintDirect and there are others

Apple has a feature called airprint some HP prints have this feature build in or if your printer does not support airprint check out http://www.steinpc.com/en/index.php/component/content/article/78-internet-tips-internet-tips/79-iphone-ipad-airprint to setup your home wireless network shared printer to print from you ipad. Safari icon is next to the address 4.2 or on the bottom for 5.0 the arrow and one of the selection will be print. There are some apps to do printing in the app store. Check AirPrint Activator too.


You can email it to your home computer and print also

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How to set up airprint 4S iPhone?

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